Why with us

Mountain spirit’s team consists of qualified mountain guides and instructors. Each one of them has rich experience, knowledge, and many years of training at the field. Being great enthusiastic of nature life and having the knowledge and the experience drawn from several years at the mountains we’d love to share it with you. Our goal is to inspire the passion and the respect for this excellent art we call adventure.


Christos Ananiadis

His passion and love for the nature as well as the belief that life should be an adventure are the main reasons that urgent Christos to occupy himself with mountain activities the last thirty years.
He became an active member in mountaineering club OALTH, with participation in the management board, enjoying climbing to nearly all Greek mountains in summer and winter.
In 1985 he started climbing and soon he became an exclusively present on mountains as well as in various schools for mountaineering and climbing his personal goals with the instructional procedure.
In 1993 through assessments of the federation he becomes national instructor and mountain guide.
He worked also for many years at the sector of high technology medical apparatus.
A few years ago at a turning point of his life he decided to dedicate himself to his great dream of mountaineering training and the offering of experiences on the mountains safely, pleasantly and responsibly.
He trains new mountaineers who aspire to acquire technical knowledge and experience and by Mountain Spirit offers escort and guidance services for hiking and climbing year round to individuals as well as groups and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with interesting people.

 To move a mountain you start by moving small stone