Rock Climbing


One of the natural talents of man is the ability to climb. Some people have this this ability more enhanced than others, while other need to be trained and taught the technics from the start. The desire for climbing can be triggered during other mountain activities as hiking and scrambling.

When we climb we use our feet and hands to ascent a steep or even vertical slope. There are various ways that this can be done as well as many kind of grounds( rock , ice , mixed ) therefore there are various kinds of climbing ( trad , sport , ice-climbing , bouldering) It offers excitement and improves general physical condition through the collaboration of body and mine. Furthermore, it helps us to deal with our phobias and to surpass our own selves. If you adore climbing up the mountains and spending time inside the beauties of nature, here we are Mountain Spirit will offer you the most effective instruction programs. Climbing is a fast developing activity in Greece and we help you to acquire the skills needed to tackle safely all of its types. Learn from official guides and instructors who are passionate with mountains and keen on showing all they know. See you at the cliffs.